Freeing my belly

Freeing my belly

March 03, 2018

You know that dress. We all have it. The super tight one you impulse-purchased one day you were feeling extra confident and never wore again because it would require you to suck your belly in for hours and who has the ab/emotional strength to do that? Definitely not me. 

I've been avoiding that dress for a long time - a backless, polka-dotted little number I bought at Zara four years ago. It sits in my closet alongside bridesmaid dresses forming a tight little category of stuff I spent too much money on and only wore once.

That is until yesterday when I had the important realization that, for the first time in my entire life, I can just let my belly be! So that little polka dot one-hit-wonder dress came out to play and when lunch came around I ordered a large quesadilla. I let it settle comfortably in my gut, cradled by polka dots. The larger the belly, the better!

I felt so empowered. I imagine this is what men with beer bellies must feel like all the time. Damn.

Why did it take a pregnancy for me to be able to feel confident about my midsection? Why can't we just free our bellies all the time, bump or not? And if people stare or ask us, we can just say 'oh yeah, that was some good arroz con pollo' or 'yeah it's a burrito'. My belly doesn't have to contain a living being in it to be beautiful.

In honor of this newfound freedom, I've decided the new theme of my pregnancy will be a combination of 'tight and bright' and Homer Simpson (hint: beer belly confidence). Now if I could just find those old college Bebe dresses...